Pre & Post Care

Lash Extension  Care

Day of:

  • Do not wear any eye make up on the day of your appointment. Most makeup products have oil bases and the residue will cause poor retention. Time spent removing make up will take away from application
  • If you are a contact wearer, it is advised to wear glasses to your appointment. There are contact cases and solution that will be made available to you, wearing contacts during the service can result in overly dry eyes.
  • You will be laying on your back with your eyes closed for a minimum of two hours. There are no available modifications to change the service, please prepare for this. 
  • Please refrain from caffeine prior to the appointment, your body’s reaction to caffeine is fluttering eyelids, causing difficulties in the service.
  • The adhesive used is a cyanoacrylate base, if you have issues or allergies to adhesive, or acrylic nails, this service is not recommended.



Post Treatment :

  • Avoid sources of high heat and humidity
  • Clean lashes daily using an approved lash cleanser, brush and tepid water.
  • Avoid waterproof eye make up, kohl or gel liners as this will attach to the base of the lashes, causing unnecessary weight and premature shedding
  • Avoid products with oils as a base; oil will weaken the bond of the glue, resulting in poor retention.
  • Only use extension safe mascara on classic lashes, volume fans will clump together when putting on product.
  • Do Not use cotton products (q-tips, cotton balls/rounds, make up remover wipes) on or around the extensions. The cotton fibers will attach to the extension and rip them out.
  • Please don’t pick, pull or rub your eyes and lashes; this friction will result in poor retention.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler with extensions on.